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Silver Steps™ Antibacterial Triple Loop Separator, 1 Pair

…triple-loop separator resists bacteria, fungus and odors—wearing well and staying fresh, wash after wash. Triple-loop toe spacer gently divides, realigns and helps correct crooked, hammer or overlapping toes while cushioning sensitive skin and relieving discomfort. The flexible gel toe straightener…


Visco-GEL® Stay-Put Toe Spacers™ - 1 piece

Toe Spacers™ cushion and protect your toe with the added stability of a loop. Unlike most spacers, this one features a versatile gel loop that can be worn on the big or second toe for a secure fit as it protects against pressure and friction. As it separates and aligns crooked or overlapping toes,
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Silver Steps™ Gel Toe Separators, Set of 8

…Medical-grade Silver Steps™ gel toe separators provide relief for between-toe corns, overlapping toes, nail problems, bunions and toe friction. They gently divide and cushion toes while absorbing pressure and friction for superior comfort. Our diabetic-friendly toe separators are made of wonderfully…


Silver Steps™ Toe Straightener, 1 Pair

…the way your feet look and feel. Silver Steps™ toe straighteners help keep toes divided and aligned for improved comfort, balance and foot health. As they gently separate, stretch and strengthen, these toe spacers help correct crooked, overlapping toes that can lead to blisters, bunions, hammertoes…
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Visco-Gel® ToeBuddy® - Set of 2

Overview Crooked, overlapping toes can cause painful blisters and corns (not to mention ruin your pedicure), but the Visco-Gel® ToeBuddy® toe separator is a smart, simple fix. Recommended by doctors to gently realign and straighten toes, the soft gel toe spacers loop around both “problem piggies”…


Visco-Gel® Little ToeBuddy® - Set of 2

toes rub, it can cause big pain ... making Visco-Gel® Little ToeBuddy® toe spacers your new BFF. Designed to gently separate and align toes that rub or overlap, the soft gel toe spacers help relieve or prevent painful irritation between smaller toes. Dual-loop design gently secures the toe separator


Visco-GEL® Hammer ToeCrutch™ - Set of 2

…beneath toe to relieve and support hammer toes, or between toes to separate and relieve irritation. For best results, avoid shoes that interfere with toe freedom. Specify size: (small - 12.5 mm dia.), (medium - 15 mm dia.) or (large - 20 mm dia.). Hand wash, air dry; sprinkle toe separator with…
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Silver Steps™ Silicone Ball of Foot Pad with Toe Separator - 1 Pair

…with separator cushions the ball of the foot while improving toe alignment. Get the benefits of multiple foot care products in one comfortable pair of medical-grade, antibacterial foot pads. * Diabetic-friendly ball of foot pads absorb shock in the metatarsal and ball of foot area * Toe separators
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Comfy Gel Heel Toe Socks

Overview Comfy Gel Heel Toe Socks cushion your heels while encouraging healthy alignment. As the separate toes encourage natural alignment while protecting against chafing and blisters, the gel insert on the back of each heel protects that sensitive area from rubbing and irritation. Soft, breathable…
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Bunion Wrap with Gel

Overview Cushion and correct painful bunions. As this bunion wrap’s gel pad creates a cushioning barrier between shoes and bunion, the toe separator helps align and relieve pain. Thin, breathable bunion corrector adjusts with one hook-and-loop strap for a customizable fit and all-day comfort with or…
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Happyfeet™ Toe Separator Socks - 1 Pair

Overview Experts agree: separating the toes properly helps solve common foot complaints like bunions, cramps and heel pain. Loose-fitting marled yarn crew socks with built-in toe separators help align toes while you relax or sleep. Happyfeet™ toe separator socks are 89% acrylic/8% polyester/3%…
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Toe Socks

Overview Ultra-soft toe socks keep feet warm, dry and comfortable, with separate toe compartments to help prevent overlap, friction and irritation. Medium (fits women’s shoe sizes 6 - 11 or men’s 6 - 9) or large (women’s 11+, men’s 10 - 13). Machine wash. Toe socks are 90% cotton/10% spandex.
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Silver Steps™ Closed Toe Gel Socks

Overview Soft Silver Steps™ Closed Toe Gel Socks surround toes with cool cushioning. Therapeutic gel conforms to fit, helping to align toes as they separate and protect against friction that can cause corns and blisters. Half socks with therapeutic gel toes also cushion the balls of the feet and…


Silver Steps™ Gel Bunion Toe Spreader With Loop, 1 Pair

…this anti-bacterial Silver Steps™ gel bunion toe spreader with loop helps properly align the big toe—reducing stress and pressure on the bunion joint. Also designed to help separate and straighten overlapping or crooked toes, this bunion toe straightener's stretchy gel loop keeps it comfortably…
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