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Sensitivity Socks, 1 Pair

Overview Relieve foot discomfort and nagging pain with these innovative sensitivity socks. Made with new Ultra Spun® yarn, the moisture-wicking socks are knitted with carbon technology that conducts natural electrical energy, creating impulses that interfere with pain signals. Perfect for those with…
Sale: $4.09


Ankle Compression Sleeves, 1 Pair

…brace may help relieve everyday aches and strains, and can offer comfort while recovering from an injury. Contoured to fit comfortably beneath socks, shoes or sandals, these ankle braces are available in two levels of compression. 80% nylon/20% spandex; hand wash. Choose from 15-20 mmHG or 30-40mmHG…
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Electrode (TENS) Socks, 1 Pair

…more, Electrode (TENS) socks help you treat your entire feet and ankles, not possible with adhesive electrodes alone. TENS therapy is a safe, drug-free method of pain relief used by physical therapists and prescribed by doctors for more than 30 years. Simply connect socks to our home TENS unit (sold…


Healthy Steps™ Quarter-Cut Diabetic Socks, 3 Pack

…restrict blood flow, these soft, non-binding Healthy Steps™ quarter cut diabetic socks are a wardrobe staple for anyone with circulatory issues like diabetes, edema or neuropathy. Classic antibacterial quarter socks are 85% cotton/5% spandex/10% polyester (white, grey, tan) or 85% cotton/5%…


Knee High Compression Stirrup

Overview Stretchy knee high compression stirrup stockings soothe legs and relieve pain. Comfortable and lightweight, these stirrup style knee high compression hose are easy to slip on while leaving the feet pressure-free. Nylon/Spandex. Hand wash. Medium fits calves 13"-16"; Large fits calves…
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Celeste Stein Compression Socks, 8–15 mmHg

…a lot more fun. Celeste Stein compression socks feature 8–15 mmHg compression to help boost circulation and reduce fatigue, swelling, and discomfort. Choose your favorite print or stock up for travel and everyday wear. These colorful compression socks fit women’s shoe sizes 5–11. Regular fits calf…
Sale: $8.99 - $15.00
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Copper Compression Socks

Overview Copper compression socks keep legs and feet healthy, happy and energized. Compression socks soothe and massage achy legs and feet with more copper, higher compression, and softer fibers than the others. 16–17 mmHg compression copper socks support circulation to reduce swelling and relieve…
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Healthy Steps™ Silicone Toe Cap, 1 Pair

Overview Cushion your toes from the impact of everyday activity. Wear these soft Healthy Steps™ Silicone Toe Cap under your socks to reduce friction, tender toes and bruised toenails. Toe cover's sleek design is comfortable with most footwear, and one pair fits most men and women. toe protector made…
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Healthy Steps™ Antibacterial Triple Loop Separator, 1 Pair

…toes while cushioning sensitive skin and relieving discomfort. The flexible gel toe straightener stretches for a comfortable fit, with or without socks. 100% mineral oil gel gently softens and moisturizes during use. Hand wash; air dry. Diabetic-friendly toe spreader includes 1 pair in either small…
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Healthy Steps™ Open Toe Gel Socks

Overview Soft therapeutic Healthy Steps™ open toe gel socks wrap your feet in unbelievable comfort. Cushy gel conforms to toes and feet to help ease joint pain, pressure points and other painful foot problems. Open-toe therapeutic gel socks can be worn with shoes. Nylon and gel construction. Hand…
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ECOSOX® Bamboo Compression Socks

Overview ECOSOX® bamboo compression socks improve circulation and reduce swelling. These mild compression socks have moisture-wicking bamboo fibers that keep feet dry and odor-free. The nonbinding top is ideal for diabetics. 85% bamboo viscose/11% nylon/4% spandex. USA/Imported. Order by shoe size:…
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Toe Socks

Overview Ultra-soft toe socks keep feet warm, dry and comfortable, with separate toe compartments to help prevent overlap, friction and irritation. Medium (fits women’s shoe sizes 6 - 11 or men’s 6 - 9) or large (women’s 11+, men’s 10 - 13). Machine wash. Toe socks are 90% cotton/10% spandex.
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Healthy Steps™ EZ Zip Open-Toe Compression Socks, 20–30 mmHg

Overview Get all the benefits of firm compression in these Healthy Steps™ EZ Zip Open-Toe Compression Socks. 20–30 mmHg socks help stimulate circulation to relieve leg fatigue, discomfort, edema, and symptoms associated with varicose and spider veins. Simply hold together and zip section by section,…
$29.00 - $32.00
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…innovative, no-show knee-highs keysocks with cut-out tops won’t slip, bunch or peek out from heels or ballerina flats. 80% polyester/18% nylon/2% Lycra with moisture-wicking Coolmax® technology keeps feet comfy in these long socks for women. Machine wash. One size (fits 6-11). Black, Nude. Imported.
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Healthy Steps™ Antibacterial Toe or Finger Caps, Set of 4

…and more, its gel lining slowly releases medical-grade mineral oil to moisturize skin. Toe covers can be trimmed to fit and are comfortable under socks, hosiery and shoes. Set of 4 includes 2 large and 2 small silicone toe caps. 85% nylon/15% spandex. Hand wash; air dry. Sprinkle with talcum powder…


Happyfeet™ Toe Separator Socks - 1 Pair

…helps solve common foot complaints like bunions, cramps and heel pain. Loose-fitting marled yarn crew socks with built-in toe separators help align toes while you relax or sleep. Happyfeet™ toe separator socks are 89% acrylic/8% polyester/3% elastane; machine wash. Imported. Sizes S(4-6), M(7-9).
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Healthy Steps™ Mary Jane Non-Slip Slipper

…chafing and blisters. Worn inside your shoes or boots, the women's slippers add extra warmth and water-resistant cushioning without bulky socks. Worn over socks, they add a layer of non-slip protection. Hand wash; air dry. * 4-way stretch neoprene/nylon provides a custom fit. * Helps prevent…


Healthy Steps™ 3-Pack Diabetic Socks

socks won’t pinch, bind or restrict blood flow—yet won’t sag or slip down. Exceptionally soft and comforting to sensitive skin, the breathable antibacterial support socks help keep feet cool and dry. 85% cotton/5% spandex/10% polyester (white, gray, tan socks) or nylon (black, brown, navy socks);


Compression Socks - 1 Pair

Overview 20-30 mmHg compression socks stimulate circulation and help relieve varicose veins and edema. Easy-on compression socks' zip design is easier to get in and out of with swollen or sensitive legs. Specify size: Medium (fits calves up to 16 1/2"), Large (fits calves up to 18"), XL (fits calves…
$30.00 - $32.00
Sale: $17.99
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Healthy Steps™ Extra Plush Diabetic Socks - 3 Pack

…dry, fending off infection and chill. Approved for individuals with circulatory problems, diabetes, edema or neuropathy, these durable compression socks boast high-end quality from tip to toe—designed exclusively for us in the USA. 90% acrylic/10% spandex; machine wash and dry. Includes 3 pairs of…


Healthy Steps™ 3 Pack 1/4 Cut Cool + Dry Diabetic Socks

Overview Keep feet cool, dry and healthy with Healthy Steps™ 1/4 Cut Cool + Dry Diabetic Socks perfect for warm weather. Soft, cozy low-cut socks feature a non-binding top and open-weave rib for loose, breathable comfort. As heat and moisture is wicked away from skin, antimicrobial treatment helps…
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Healthy Steps™ Wide Calf Compression Socks, 8–15 mmHg

Overview Designed to fit fuller calves, these silky-smooth Healthy Steps™ wide calf compression socks provide light compression that’s comfortable enough for daily wear. Graduated 8–15 mmHg helps promote blood circulation and relieve swelling and discomfort for healthier, happier legs and feet.…
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Healthy Steps™ 3 Pack Quarter Cut Extra Plush Diabetic Socks

…these durable diabetic quarter socks boast high-end quality from tip to toe—designed and made exclusively for us in the USA. 90% acrylic/5% spandex/5% polyester. Machine wash and dry. Includes 3 pairs of diabetic socks. * Includes 3 pairs of nonbinding socks * Moisture-wicking fabric helps…
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Silver Compression Socks, 20–30 mmHg

…silver compression socks! Graduated 20–30 mmHg compression stockings encourage healthy blood circulation, help prevent deep vein thrombosis, and soothe fatigue, mild edema, varicosities, and pain in the legs and feet. Naturally antimicrobial genuine silver woven into the sock is believed to help…
Sale: $3.59
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