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Simply Cool Pillow Wraps 2-Pack Standard

pillow wraps help ordinary pillows keep their cool. Layer a wrap between your pillow and pillowcase — heat-transfer technology helps the fabric stay continuously cool to the touch even when you get hot, helping you sleep in cool comfort without overheating, tossing, turning or flipping your pillow.
$35.00 - $45.00


"Save My Face!"® La Petite Pillowcase

Overview "Pillow face" wrinkles, creases and puffiness can become permanent. "Save My Face!"® La Petite Pillowcase for your "Save My Face!"® La Petite Pillow supports your head, keeping your face and eye tissue away from the sleeping surface. Pillowette (sold separately) can be used on top of your…
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"Save My Face!"® La Petite Pillow

Overview "Pillow face" wrinkles, creases and puffiness can become permanent. "Save My Face!"® La Petite Pillow supports your head, keeping your face and eye tissue away from the sleeping surface. Anti wrinkle pillow is hypoallergenic and washable. Includes machine washable pillowcase. White (an AWC…
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"Save My Face!"® Le Grand Pillow

Overview "Pillow face" wrinkles, creases and puffiness can become permanent. "Save My Face!"® Le Grand Pillow supports your head, keeping your face and eye tissue away from the sleeping surface. Grand pillow is to be used in place of your existing pillow. Anti wrinkle pillow is hypoallergenic and…
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Sciatica Saddle Pillow

…sciatica saddle pillow redistributes weight off your thighs and buttocks—preventing sciatic nerve compression. The bicycle-seat shape also helps promote proper posture and spine alignment, making any seat more comfortable. Complete with carrying handle, the lightweight sciatica pillow is great for…


As Seen On TV My Pillow®

Overview Experience the most comfortable pillow you’ll ever own with My Pillow®. The unique, patented medical fill stays cool and naturally supports the neck and spine. Perfect for any sleep position, the cooling pillow is anti-microbial, dust-mite resistant and non-allergenic to help keep you…


Pillow Talk™ Cards

Overview Turn your foreplay into fun with the Pillow Talk™ intimate card game. Easy-to-play, it's designed to reignite the flames of passion while helping you explore new avenues of excitement. Made for 2 players, the game involves taking turns and exploring secret desires and fantasies. Take turns…


Wrap-Around Pillow

…Specially designed to ease neck, back and shoulder pain, our U-shaped pillow positions and supports your entire body, contouring to your shape! Adjusting to you from head to toe, it allows custom comfort for better sleep. Pillow: 50% polyester/50% cotton outer with poly fill; hand wash; 102" long x…


Sound Sleeper Neck And Shoulder Pillow

Overview Sound sleeper neck and shoulder pillow is a specially shaped neck pain pillow for side sleepers. It ensures that you sleep better and wake up more refreshed. Cutaways on the side and the proper fill density take the strain off your neck and shoulders. Made especially for side sleepers, but…
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Butterfly Pillow with Satin Cover

Overview Treat yourself to luxurious sleep every night with this butterfly pillow with satin cover. Contour pillow supports the neck and shoulders for proper alignment from head to spine, helping to relieve muscle tension and prevent aches, pains and stiffness. Smooth satin cover reduces friction on…
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COOLMAX® Jumbo Pillows - Set of 2

…Keep a cool head and sleep better with these COOLMAX® jumbo pillows. Jumbo pillows are made with COOLMAX® fiber technology to wick away moisture and stay cool to the touch. You’ll sleep comfortably all night with these cooling pillows, in any weather. * Soft, breathable, 300 thread count cotton…


CoolMax® Body Pillow

Overview Sleep experts agree—body pillows offer help for insomnia and sleep disturbance, and the CoolMax® body pillow's cool-touch technology keeps you from overheating while enjoying those deep, restorative zzzs. Allowing you to sleep in more therapeutic positions and supporting you comfortably so…


Lavender Memory Foam Pillow

Overview Helping you achieve and maintain your best sleeping position, our memory foam pillow conforms to your shape on contact—providing the perfect balance of comfort and support. The thicker, firmer memory foam molds comfortably to the curve of your head all the way down to your neck and spine,…


Liberator® Heart Wedge Positioning Pillow

Overview Pretty and discreet, the Liberator® heart wedge positioning pillow will be your sweet secret to passion. The heart-shaped foam wedge design allows for deeper penetration and g-spot positioning. Machine-washable plush cover zips off for easy cleanup. 18" L x 14" W x 7" H. 100% polyester…


Beautyful™ Satin Pillowcase

Overview Indulge yourself with this luxuriously silky-smooth pillowcase. No more snagging, tangling, splitting, or drying out your hair like cotton and cotton-blend pillowcases do, causing “bed head.” And, no more facial “sleep lines” that can become permanent wrinkles. Easy care polysatin is…
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Wave Pillow

Overview Reduce or eliminate snoring with an innovative contour pillow that addresses the most common causes of snoring. The design of this Wave pillow has been tested and confirmed to support a sleeping position that helps increase airway flow for easier breathing during sleep. It works for…
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Bamboo Seat Cushion

…x 5” deep cutout. Polyurethane foam cushion; 40% bamboo/60% polyester cover. Machine wash cover in cold water; tumble dry low heat. Spot clean pillow. * Contoured cushion. * Orthopedic-grade memory foam. * Helps relieve sciatica pain, back fatigue and leg numbness. * Removable cover with easy-carry…


Leg Lift Pillow

Overview Leg wedge pillow elevates legs and feet to improve circulation, reduce swelling and ease lower back pressure. Comfortable to use while sleeping, watching TV and reading on a sofa or bed. Leg lift pillow features a removable, machine-washable cover. 23" L x 15 1/2" W x 7 1/2" H. Polyurethane…
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Memory Foam Leg Pillow

…swear this memory foam leg pillow was custom made for you ... it conforms exactly to the contours of your legs so it won’t pop out in the middle of the night or flatten out by morning. Offering firm density that’s comfortably lightweight, this contour leg pillow's ergonomic shape helps support…


Shiatsu Massage Pillow

…Shiatsu massage pillow features 4 massage heads that reach deep to soothe muscle tension and soreness. Use it up to 30 minutes on your neck, back, arms, legs, and more to unwind and ease pain. With its simple on/off switch, 70”L power cord and included car adapter, the massaging pillow is easy to…


L-Shaped Pillow

Overview L-shaped pillow’s unique shape comforts side sleepers in 3 ways: hug it to keep your neck and shoulders properly aligned, use side pillow behind shoulders to support your spine and neck, or use as a leg support pillow for knees, hips and back. Ergonomic pillow is 48"L x 10"W x 7"H. 100%…


Wedge Support Pillow

…helps breathing or digestion. Use wedge support pillow XL alone for firm support, or top with your pillow for added softness. 100% polyurethane foam. Cover is 100% polyester. Express shipping not available on wedge supports. All wedge pillows are 22 1/2" long x 22 1/2" wide. Small wedge is 7…
$30.00 - $40.00


Natural Latex Molded Pillow

Overview Natural latex molded pillow supports a healthy sleep habit. Medium-support contour pillow is designed to improve rest quality with a molded shape and cutout that gently align and cradle the head and neck in comfort. As the lightweight latex foam pillow provides cool breathability, the…


Liberator® Stashe Pillow

…road, this naughty little Liberator® Stashe Pillow keeps your favorite toys concealed and at your fingertips whenever the mood strikes. Hidden zipper opens to reveal an interior compartment lined with water-resistant nylon. Plush foam Liberator® pillow keeps toys protected. 12" sq. x 4" H. 100%…
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