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Waxxxie® Aquawax 3-in-1 Total Body Roll On Kit

…Includes 3 roller heads for face, delicate areas and body * Contains 12 reusable hair removal wax strips |||Usage 1. Hold cartridge on a 45 degree angle upside down and slowly roll over the skin in the direction of the hair growth. 2. Place wax strip over the wax and smooth down firmly. 3. Hold skin…
Sale: $14.92


i.s. Brow Intensified

…clinically proven to help strengthen and support natural hair growth and elasticity * Conditioning formula protects and fortifies for long-term results * Angled eyebrow brush applicator ensures detailed, full coverage * Helps stimulate hair growth in as little as 15 days * 0.17 oz. |||Product Video…
Sale: $4.42
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StriVectin® HAIR™ Ultimate Restore Densifying Treatment

hair and scalp. Formulated with patented NIA-114™ and Vitacycle Optimizing Complex™ to nourish hair and scalp to complement a new hair cycle. Restores vitality with every use, while it thickens and strengthens hair strands for increased resilience. Supports natural hair anchoring and reduces hair
Sale: $43.92
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Keranique® Volumizing Conditioner

…designed to thicken and volumize thin, fine hair without weighing it down. The special cream-gel formula coats and protects thinning hair with a keratin enriched coating. Perfectly balanced to moisturize and detangle hair, leaving it soft and silky. Safe for color-treated hair. 8 fl. oz.
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ColorMark Instant Touch Up

…eyes.|||Usage Apply on dry hair. Use light, short strokes around part. At temples and hairline, slide the ColorMark comb under the hair, then apply. Dries in a minute-Reapply as needed-Brushing won’t affect color result-Can be used over styling products-Can be followed by hair spray. Remove…
Sale: $19.92
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Beautyful™ Hair Removal Cream

hair is gone. You’re left with silky, smooth, great-smelling skin. The large 9 oz. size makes this a great value! To use, test a small area 24 hours in advance. If no irritation occurs, clean area where hair is being removed. Apply cream to cover hair. After 4-5 minutes, test a small area. If hair
Sale: $7.42
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Keranique® KeraViatin™ Hair & Scalp Health Supplements

hair care, Keranique® developed this clinical strength supplement to support and fortify scalp and hair health. Keranique® KeraViatin™ Hair & Scalp Health Supplements are enriched with a powerful blend of B vitamins, minerals, micro-nutrients and phyto-nutrients. The result is a supplement for hair
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Remove™ Smart Wax Roll On-System

…the wax by the roller of the cartridge on your skin towards the hair growth as a thin layer. Applying as a thick layer may reduce the performance of the wax. 4. Stick the remove Waxing Papers on your skin towards the direction of hair growth and press the paper to make sure that wax is firmly stuck…
Sale: $20.92
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Butterfly Pillow with Satin Cover

…from head to spine, helping to relieve muscle tension and prevent aches, pains and stiffness. Smooth satin cover reduces friction on your face and hair to help prevent wrinkles and tangles, or use with your own standard pillowcase. * Satin pillow is ideal for side or back sleepers. * Hand-filled…
Sale: $17.52
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Brow Buddy & Universal Brow Pencil Kit

…and a complete step-by-step user guide. Works with most hair colors and skin tones and washes off easily. Not tested on animals. * Kit includes Brow Buddy Tool and Universal Brow Pencil * Complete step-by-step user guide * Works with most hair colors and skin tones * Washes off easily * Not tested…
Sale: $9.92
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…smudge or run * Enhances future lash growth * Exclusive blend of lash-boosting ingredients * Stimulating growth of prostaglandin I.C. promotes new hair growth from the root * Physician formulated and ophthalmologist tested * Use GrandeLINER every morning on clean, dry skin * Apply to the lash line…
Sale: $39.92
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Viviscal® Man Hair Nutrient Tablets Value Pack

…a man’s hair and lead to thinning or loss. The experts at Viviscal® understand the science of hair growth and developed Viviscal® Man Hair Nutrient Tablets as a breakthrough, 100% drug-free hair supplement, scientifically formulated to nourish thinning male hair and promote existing hair growth*…
Sale: $109.92


Epilady® Drop Rechargeable Wet/Dry Epilator

…with better results, and beats shaving because it removes hair at the root for longer-lasting, smooth hair removal. No need to deal with harsh stubble after shaving, or waiting for hair to grow long enough for waxing—the Drop can remove hairs as short as 0.5mm. With 56 tweezer discs producing up to…
Sale: $89.92
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Bump eRaiser® Concentrated Serum

…Gently exfoliate skin cells. Ingrown hair prevention serum Unblocks pores. Massage into skin after hair removal. 4.2 fl. oz. * Formulated with natural fruit acids * Gently exfoliate skin cells * Unblocks pores and prevents ingrown hairs * Massage into skin after hair removal * 4.2 fl. oz. |||Usage…
Sale: $19.92


Keranique® Hair Regrowth Treatment for Women

hair loss—fix it with Keranique® hair regrowth treatment! Keranique® hair loss treatment contains 2% minoxidil, the only proven hair loss regrowth treatment available without a prescription. The unique needle nose applicator provides accurate application to target areas. Apply one ml. of this hair
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Keranique® Follicle Boosting Serum

…Keratin Amino Complex™ which bonds to hair’s natural keratin protein, it delivers deep nourishment to thicken and fortify thinning hair, rebuilding and rejuvenating each shaft. Regular use of this light, leave-in formula helps reconstruct and strengthen hair’s protective outer layer, repair split…
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Keranique® Stimulating Shampoo

…ACCEPTED. Keranique® Revitalizing Shampoo for Thinning Hair gently and deeply cleans and stimulates the scalp to nourish and rejuvenate hair follicles, leading to improved hair growth. Fortified with Keratin and Pro Vitamin B5, the shampoo leaves hair ultra clean, retains shine and protects against…
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Rainbow Volume S Brush Compact with Mirror

…push the center of the travel hair brush to use, then push again when done. Works for any hair style and length. Leaves hair with a soft, silky feel. Designed by hand. 3”dia. * Patented S-Curl bristles * Ball tip at the end of each s-shaped bristle * Works for any hair style and length * Designed by…
Sale: $6.22


Easy Comb

…this handy straightening comb. The Easy Comb untangles knots and sections hair in one easy stroke, making it a snap to straighten hair with a flat iron or blow dryer. The detangling brush allows you to perfectly hold hair so the flat iron can glide through, creating a static-free straight style.…
Sale: $2.92


Keranique® Tint & Texture Color Density Treatment

…a thinning hair solution through clinical science. The blendable hair tint helps fill in areas of thinning hair with natural color and reduces sebum production, contributing to improved scalp health. The water-resistant hair color spray comes in shades that match most hair colors for natural-looking…
Sale: $33.92
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i.s. Beauty Fill in Powder

hair and beautiful, camera-ready eyebrows, all in one compact! i.s. BEAUTY Professional Hair and Brow Filler palettes by Innovative Solutions feature three blendable shade pots for the perfect salon finish. Highly pigmented eyebrow tint powder with rich colors blends flawlessly onto skin, hair and…
Sale: $5.02
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Beautyful™ 100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil

…that fights aging and restores a youthful flow. As a hair conditioner, argan oil conditions, smoothes and helps your hair achieve sleek, shiny style. Its softening properties also make argan oil the perfect remedy for brittle nails, damaged hair and cracked skin. As with any rare oil, the source and…
Sale: $17.92
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Renew™ Eyebrow Revitalizer

…premature hair breakage, while replenishing with amino acids and peptides to keep hair and follicle healthy, eliminating clogs that prevent growth. Gentle, non-irritating formula nourishes and enhances brow health, flexibility and softness while fortifying brow base and eyebrow hair to prevent…
Sale: $57.42
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Remove™ Smart Wax Roll-On

…WILL BE ACCEPTED. Refill cartridge for the Remove™ Smart Wax Roll-On system. No more messy hair removal wax all over your fingers. The home waxing kit makes waxing easy. The rapid central heating heats hair removal wax from core to periphery, reducing waiting time. Innovative smart cartridge changes…
Sale: $6.92
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