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Himalayan Salt Detox Blocks for Feet, 1 Pair

Overview Enjoy soothing stone foot therapy without a trip to the spa. Use these all-natural Himalayan salt detox blocks for feet to help encourage relaxation, detoxification and healing. As it emits negative ions to help naturally purify the air, Himalayan salt is believed by many to help increase…
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Sockless® Terry-Comfort® Insoles - 1 Pair

Overview Add soft, absorbent comfort to every step even while going sockless. Plush Sockless® Terry-Comfort Insoles absorb moisture and help prevent feet from slipping and sliding in shoes. Feet stay dry, cool and comfortable even in warm, humid climates or while wearing hosiery. Dual-layer design…
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Foot Vibe Pro

Overview Foot Vibe Pro treats your feet to the soothing combination of warmth and vibration. Relax in your favorite chair, place feet on the reflexology pad, and customize the infrared heat and high-frequency vibration. Use the included remote to choose from 12 levels of high-frequency vibration, 8…


Healthy Steps™ Silicone Hammer Toe Cushions - 1 Pair

…relieve the pain and pressure of hammer or mallet toe, arthritis, and more. One size. Set of 2 diabetic-friendly cushions includes one for each foot. * Absorbs shock, vibration and provide even pressure distribution. * Cushion against calluses, corns and irritation. * Ideal for clawed or…
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Airplus® Plantar Fasciitis Orthotics

…alignment of your foot, these soothing Airplus® plantar fasciitis orthotics support the critical arch and heel area—helping ease and prevent the pain of plantar fasciitis. When your foot’s main arch is not supported correctly, the fascia works too hard to stabilize the foot, causing pain,…


Felt Hammer Toe Crest

…support your toes from underneath to remedy a variety of foot problems. As the ergonomic shape reduces pressure on toe tips and stress on the metatarsal shafts, it can help ease forefoot pain. As it gently stretches and lengthens foot muscles, this toe support helps relieve hammer, mallet, claw…
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Healthy Steps™ Open Toe Gel Socks

…Steps™ open toe gel socks wrap your feet in unbelievable comfort. Cushy gel conforms to toes and feet to help ease joint pain, pressure points and other painful foot problems. Open-toe therapeutic gel socks can be worn with shoes. Nylon and gel construction. Hand wash. One size fits most. Imported.
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Acupressure Massage Mat for Feet

…on the soles of your feet, the soothing, stimulating massage may also help enhance your overall comfort. Simply place both feet on the life-sized foot diagram to apply and control acupressure from your body weight—use seated for less intensity or standing with entire weight for full intensity. Each…
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Dr. Comfort Kelly Women's Sandal

…closure for a custom fit. You’ll love the comfort and support of its wide, cushioned foot bed, contoured textured insole and non-slip rubber outsole. Built-in biomechanics help correct and restore your foot’s natural alignment, including an orthotic dual-density midsole and integrated post and…


Stetson® No-Fly Zone™ Big Brim Hat

…EPA. Burlington ® labs No-Fly Zone™ insect repellent technology works as a contact repellent. This affects the insect’s nervous system causing “hot foot” making the insect fly away before it may bite. This technology may help to prevent the spread of insect borne diseases. UPF 50+ with 3” brim. 71%…
Sale: $18.00
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Soapy Toes™ Foot Scrubber

Overview Just pour soap on Soapy Toes™ foot scrubber, step on, and wiggle your feet. The cleaning fingers gently clean and massage while suction cups grip the shower or tub floor. Soft rubber. 7 1/4" x 4 1/4" x 1 1/4". Sold individually.
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Healthy Steps™ Silicone Ball of Foot Pad with Toe Separator - 1 Pair

…gel foot pad with separator cushions the ball of the foot while improving toe alignment. Get the benefits of multiple foot care products in one comfortable pair of medical-grade, antibacterial foot pads. * Diabetic-friendly ball of foot pads absorb shock in the metatarsal and ball of foot area…
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Healthy Steps™ Gel Bunion Toe Spreader, 1 Pair

Overview Super-soft, pliable Healthy Steps™ gel bunion toe spreader slips over your toe to improve alignment, reduce joint pressure, and cushion toe. Medical grade gel is odorless, washable, and reusable. One size fits any toe.
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Fitkicks® Special Edition Active Lifestyle Slippers, 1 Pair

Overview Start your active day on the right foot with fresh fashion and comfort. Fitkicks® Special Edition Active Lifestyle Slippers are perfect for healthy movement and relaxing in style. Count on comfort and safety, with a stretchy upper, non-slip FlexForm textured rubber sole and toe guard to…


Healthy Steps™ Gel Arch Sleeve, 1 Pair

…fasciitis, tendonitis and more, their built-in 100% mineral oil gel arch supports stay securely in place, helping absorb pressure and keeping the foot from pronating. Breathable arch support sleeves slip on easily and comfortably, with or without shoes. Hypoallergenic and latex free; 80% nylon/20%…


Healthy Steps™ Silicone Shock Absorbers For Feet

…pressure. If calluses are painful, slip medical-grade, antibacterial foot shock absorbers over your toes to cushion the ball of the foot. Reduce friction, redistribute pressure, stop the burning sensation. These ball of foot pads fit under pantyhose or socks. Set of left and right cushions is…


Healthful™ Naturals Premium Essential Oil Kit & 280 ml Diffuser

Overview Bundling ten 30-ml essential oils plus our quality diffuser/humidifier, this Healthful™ Naturals premium essential oil kit & 280 ml diffuser treats you to a savings of $35.90! Use the 100% pure* essential oils alone or combine for aromatherapy (diluted in water in a diffuser), or topical…


Healthy Steps™ Gel Bunion Toe Spreader With Loop, 1 Pair

…big toe—reducing stress and pressure on the bunion joint. Also designed to help separate and straighten overlapping or crooked toes, this bunion toe straightener's stretchy gel loop keeps it comfortably in place. Silicone; hand wash. Pair includes 1 bunion brace for right foot and 1 for left foot.
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Adjustable Compression Arch Support - 1 Pair

…left foot. Foot wrap made with 85% polyamide/15% spandex. Machine wash; air dry. Do not bleach, tumble dry, iron or dry clean. * Thin enough to wear inside a sock. * Complements most men’s and women’s footwear and its soft, seamless design won’t irritate skin. * Each fits right or left foot. * 85%…
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Vibrating Foot Massager

Overview Relax and renew aching feet with this vibrating foot massager at home or on the go. As you glide your feet across its 6 massaging rollers, it stimulates pressure points on your soles to soothe fatigue and help promote circulation in feet and legs. You choose the pressure — press down for…
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Baby Foot Exfoliation Peel

Overview Get spa pedicure results at home with Baby Foot exfoliating peel! This exfoliating foot peel removes rough skin and calluses effortlessly in a single application. Just put on adjustable booties and relax for 90 to 120 minutes. Tired skin peels away for three to five days after treatment to…
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Healthful™ Advanced Healing Foot Cream

…Specially formulated Healthful™ Advanced Healing Foot Cream helps moisturize and soften hardened, cracked skin to promote better foot health. Aloe, tea tree oil and other nourishing ingredients absorb quickly to provide intense moisturizing. Foot cream is 100% safe to use between the toes and free…
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Skinn® Foot Fetish Heel Balm

…and hydrate your feet with this Skinn® Foot Fetish Heel Balm. Super moisturizing formula with vitamins A, C and E, shea butter, meadowfoam seed and jojoba oil, plus salicylic acid for exfoliation. Glides on like butter and absorbs quickly. Apply foot cream before bedtime and let the healing…
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Extra Long Foot Scrubbing Brush

…with this extra-long foot scrubbing brush. The handle extends to help you scrub hard-to-reach spots, then folds away for convenient storage. Multifunctional foot brush has short bristles for heels, pumice stone for calluses and silicone bristles for the tops of feet. * Foot scrub brush with extra…
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